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At Walden Orthodontics we believe that it is never too late to start orthodontics for adults. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in five orthodontic patients are over the age of 21! So gone are the days when braces were only worn by children and teenagers. One of the advantages for adults nowadays is that technology has advanced to the point where todays braces are barely visible!

Orthodontics for Adults is recommended to treat:

  • Improper bite — also called malocclusion — which causes the teeth to fit together incorrectly
  • Crowded and rotated teeth, which often cause tooth decay and/or gum disease
  • Abnormal pain in the jaw joint (TMJ)

Orthodontic Treatment Options for Adults Includes:

An Affordable Investment with a Lifetime of Benefits

In addition to improving your oral health, orthodontic treatment for adults can provide you with the confidence that comes along with a healthy, attractive smile. You may be pleasantly surprised to find how affordable such a great investment can be and with our financing options, direct billing and payment plans, achieving the smile of your dreams has never been easier!

We will work with you to arrive at a payment plan that fits within your budget. In addition, many dental insurance plans now include orthodontic benefits. Dollar for dollar, when you consider the lifetime benefits of orthodontic treatment, it is truly a great value. Walden Orthodontics is one of the few specialty dental offices that offer patients the convenience Health Smart Financing options to help pay for any additional fees not covered by your insurance or for those without dental insurance that includes orthodontic coverage. We are happy to provide a complimentary consultation to discuss your dental needs and to determine your financing arrangements.

Start Your Journey Towards the Smile of Your Dreams!

At Walden Orthodontics, we understand that our adults and children have different needs, and require a different level of attention and care. Our goal to provide our patients with extra care and attention that goes above your expectations. Dr. Angela Sharma’s vision is to Create Your Own Comfort Zone which includes warm Saje neck wraps, heated blankets, cable tv.

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