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Retainers are Required After Your Orthodontic Treatment Is Complete

At Walden Orthodontics, we provide a set of removable, clear retainers or a bonded retainer for every patient after their treatment is complete. Our retainers are made from a thin, clear material and fit snugly over the teeth to keep them in place.

During your orthodontic treatment, your teeth are being held in position by your braces. When your braces are removed, your teeth try to move back to their original position — called “orthodontic relapse.” Orthodontic retainers are used after the braces are removed for a period of time, to prevent the teeth from shifting out of position.

Fixed Retainers

For Two-Phase Orthodontics, the continued growth of the jaws encourages the teeth to move once Phase One treatment has been completed. To help avoid this, a fixed retainer or removable retainer may be used to hold the teeth position until phase two of treatment begins.

Fixed retainers also include a thin wire that may be bonded behind the teeth to hold them in place after your braces are removed. The type of retainer used will depend on certain factors.

At Walden Orthodontics, we provide patients with follow-up care to monitor your teeth during the retention phase and will repair your fixed and removable retainer as required.






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